Shopee App Guideline

Welcome to Shopee App. This guide is a compilation of 90% of the errors we have observed. Meeting these simple requirements would help to ensure a smooth integration with shopee.

What you can do with Shopee

Here we provide users the ability to synchronize products from Shopify to Shopee. Conversely.

This empowers sellers like yourself to seamlessly expand your sales channel and sell your shopify items on shopee without a need for manual intervention.

Requirements for successful synchronizing

To ensure the sync words well, do note that there are some properties. These are:

  1. Product variation's option must less than 3-tier
  2. Shopee's product categories
  3. Attributes of specific category
  4. Logistic channel
  5. Brand definition
  6. And description's length: In Shopee, the description's length must be not less than 20 characters. (maximum is 3000 characters)
  7. And weight of products should be set

Please read the user guide or Shopee requirements on the left side bar.

Or email us by the following information.

Support information

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