Product's attributes required by Shopee

If product's attributes can't meet Shopee's requirements, then syncing will be fail. Users will see the feedbacks in the Product Page.


See Shopee's requirements to check detailed specifications.

Re-Authorizing for Shopee's access

Shopee's access token will be invalid in some cases. If so, synchronizing will fail. Users could see a hint in the Shopee's channel page.

reauth hint

Users must click Re-Authorize link to get access token from Shopee again.

Important upgrade on Jun, 18th. 2021

Because Shopee upgrades category structure, attributes, and some other product's properties, Shopee Channel on Shopify has already updated to a new version. The version supports Shopee new API (v2). In order to use the app, all sellers must re-authorize from the following hint.

Very important: must be same with original shop. If not, all historical data will be lost.



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