Shopee Product Requirements

To succeed in synchronizing products from Shopify to Shopee, many requirements must be satisfied. If error is taken place, hints will show on Shopify product's page.

Product variation's option must less than 3-tier

Shopee's product only supports 2-tier options. So following Shopify's option settings is not valid for Shopee.

3-tier options

Shopee's categories, attributes and logistics information

Shopee has its specific categories, attributes, logistics information. Before synchronise, these properties must be set through Edit Shopee's attributes or Mass edit Shopee's attributes

Price Vs. Compare At Price

There are two types of price in Shopify, Price and Compare at Price. If there is no compare-at-price, the system creates products only using price. if compare-at-price exists, we treat compare-at-price as original price and price as a discount price by creating a promotion. Shopee's rule is that discount price must less than the original price.

If there are products with price(shopee's discount price) greater than compare-at-price(shopee's original price), synchronizing will fail.

Price Price

Description's length: 20 ~ 3000

Product description's length should between 20 and 3000 characters. Otherwise error "shopee-product.error_desc_len_no_pass [item upload controller description_len no pass : lowLimit : 20 - UpperLimit : 3000]" will be taken place.

Product must include at least one image

Product must include at least one image. Image file size is max 2.0 MB each. Image format are accepted: JPG, JPEG, PNG.

To synchronizing image, the system will download image files from Shopify, then upload to Shopee. Error "All images download fail" will taken place because of network latency etc. Sometimes users can upload jpg files instead of png files to fix such error.

Weight is mandatory

Sellers must set a product's weight in Shopify. Otherwise Weight is required error will be shown.

Users should set weight property in Shopify's product page. If the product has many variants, then first one's weight must be set.

Non-variant product, just set weight in product page.

Variant property Variant property

If a product has variants, it is necessary to set the first variant's weight.

Variant property Variant property

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