Shopee channel

Selling with Shopify and Shopee

Growing your business just got easier with Shopee. Tap into the millions of active users from the leading e-commerce platform in SEA. Easily manage your ecommerce shop on Shopify’s platform.

Here’s what you can do when you sell with Shopify and Shopee

  • Sync new and existing listings on Shopify to your Shopee account
  • Manage your inventory, orders and marketing on a single platform using Shopify’s platform
  • Track Shopee sales using your Home sales overview and Analytics pages

Shopee Account

Eligibility requirements

To sell on Shopee channel, you will need to register and create an account with Shopee. See Connect Shopee account

  1. Usage of Shopee-Shopify integration channel has to be approved by Shopee Business Development team. The channel will not function prior to approval.
  2. The Shopee sales channel is currently available only for

Edit product addributes of Shopee

There are specific category, attributes and logistics settings for Shopee products. Therefore, to succeed in syncing a product, the required Shopee's attributes must bee set up firstly. See Set up Shopee's attributes

Orders sync

Orders from shopee will be synced back to Shopify, users can check them in Shopify Admin core. See Orders synced

Support information

  • Email:
  • Mobile Phone: (86)18514275966

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